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Part I: Check Yo'Self* [Practice]

(*Ice Cube, 1992)

Sunday 31 May 2020


Part II: When I Practise Yoga, I Touch Myself**


(**Divinyls, 1990)

Sunday 7 June 2020


Yoga in the time of coronavirus is asking all yogis to become much more self-sufficient and proficient in self-guided practice. This two-part online workshop series aims to give you the tools you need to build a self-guided home practice as well as give yourself manual adjustments in both led and home-based practises.


Part I will begin with some guidance about how to structure a self-led home practice and the major considerations for this kind of practice. We will then all practice together in a group setting. I will offer suggestions, basic parameters, and frameworks for the practice; each practitioner will be encouraged to make their own choices within these frameworks.

Part II focuses on how to give yourself manual adjustments while you practise. Whether in a group setting or at home, there are often times when a manual adjustment would be helpful but many yoga practitioners don't know where to start. I will teach you simple, safe ways you can adjust yourself to deepen your understanding of postures and get more out of your asana practice.

The workshops compliment each other and yogis are encouraged to book them as a pair (£25 GBP). The workshops can also be booked individually for £15 GBP.

The workshops will be live-streamed via Zoom. Booking closes 30 minutes before the workshop commences. You will receive a link to the Zoom "studio" about 30 minutes before the workshop.


31 May & 7 June



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31 May


Check Yo'Self [Practice]


7 June


When I Practise Yoga, I Touch Myself


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