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Calling all beginners! This 4-week course is designed to give you all the tools you need to build your skills and confidence in your yoga practice. We will focus on the key postures and movements that you will encounter in many yoga classes, including sun salutations, standing poses, balances, forward folds and backbends. We will break down all the techniques you need to know so you can practice safely and confidently, while also learning how to adapt the practice for your own needs. This course is meant to be inclusive and open to everyone, and offers a space with plenty of time to ask questions, learn at your own pace, and try new things. Whether you’ve never been on the mat before or you’ve been practising for years and want to refresh your knowledge, this course offers something for everyone.

WEEK 1: The Heart of Yoga. This week we will focus on the fundamentals of yoga: breath, and the connection between breath and movement. We will learn how to practice what yogis call “ujjayi breath” and how to link this form of yoga breathing with repetitive movement patterns called “Sun Salutations.”

WEEK 2: Standing Poses. This week’s class breaks down all the fundamentals of many of the core standing yoga poses, such as the Warrior Poses, Triangle Pose, and Side Angle Pose. We will focus on the actions and movements of the feet and legs to feel steady, supported, and grounded.


WEEK 3: Bend and Fold. Backbends and forward folds move the body in directions that we don’t often explore in our everyday lives. This week will focus on some of the most commonly practiced backbends and forward folds in yoga, focusing on how to adapt these poses to work for everyone by incorporating props and walls for support.


WEEK 4: Play Time. Learning to practice yoga can feel like hard work, but it’s also meant to be fun. This final week will explore some of the weird and wacky poses of yoga in a lighthearted way, giving us an opportunity to play with balance and try getting upside down. It’s all about having a go and trying something new!

January 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st

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